It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and our team is hard at work finding new ways to help keep you safe in the Mercari marketplace. We’re here to let you know the latest behind-the-scenes updates our team has created to up our security protocols.

Here’s what’s new:

Login & password security

Passwords help keep your information to yourself. We’ve updated our password protection to have more requirements whenever you change it. 

Plus, whenever we feel like a login attempt seems off, we may ask the customer to enter a verification code sent to the phone number on the account. 

Keeping you updated

An important part of account security is keeping you in the know. Whenever there’s a new device login or account information is changed, we’ll send you an email and push notification letting you know. 

Password meter

We’ve added a strength meter to help our customers create better passwords. This also makes it clear when your password gets a green light or if you need to add to it.

Thanks for doing your part to help us keep Mercari safe!

— Team Mercari