Since I posted my last update on Mercari’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, so much has happened. This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and people are struggling. 

Yet as tough as it’s been, and even with the uncertainty ahead, I’m proud that Mercari is proving useful during this time. Our platform is helping people to find things they need, and to supplement their incomes by selling items they no longer use — all from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Mercari’s daily traffic has increased dramatically in recent weeks. With most retail stores impacted or closed in March, people went online to find the items they needed. That in turn disrupted supply and delivery times for Amazon and other large online retailers. So shoppers came to Mercari seeking hard-to-find items with faster shipping times, as well as our “no meetups” model. 

Mercari sellers stepped up to meet the increased demand, listing and selling at record levels. The whole Mercari community welcomed an influx of new users.

We’re honored that Mercari can play a useful role to our buyers and sellers during this time. But we feel an immense obligation to you, our users. Our U.S. teams in Palo Alto, CA, Portland, OR and Boston, MA are working hard (from home) to deliver a great experience for our buyers and sellers.  

The context of our business has changed, almost overnight. That’s why we’re introducing a new TV commercial to help get the word out about something that can help people make some money and get people the stuff they need during this time.

Today we’re also releasing Mercari American Snapshot, a report on noteworthy buying and selling activity since social distancing began. Among other data included in the report:  in April 2020, the average Mercari US seller made $183, a 50% increase vs. April 2019.  

Around the same time, Mercari surpassed $1 billion paid to sellers since our US launch in 2014. That’s a billion dollars changing hands between individual Americans, since we’re a domestic marketplace that prohibits corporate sellers. 

At a time when we can’t be certain about much, I see clearly that the Mercari community is quickly adapting to new realities together. We’re helping each other by selling valuable things we no longer use, and by buying from one another. We’re helping each other keep our kids engaged while they’re stuck at home. We’re supplementing each others’ family budgets.

The Mercari community is inspiring people in new ways. On behalf of all of us at Mercari US, we’re proud to be useful to you during this time.


John Lagerling

CEO, Mercari US