Who likes spending extra money on shipping?


Real talk. At Mercari, we don’t want you to be paying extra money on shipping. That’s why we offer prepaid labels that are up to 60% off retail carrier rates.

But sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how much an item weighs. Do you have a postal scale at home? We don’t either.

How are you supposed to pick the shipping that’s right for you? 

Shipping shouldn’t be so complicated.

That’s why we’re working hard to make shipping exactly right for the item you’re selling. So you can splurge on fun stuff and not on postage. 

We’ve taken out the guesswork.

For most items, we’ll immediately recommend a shipping label that’s the best fit for the size and weight of your item. So you pay what you should.

Now, when you ship with Mercari, you save big on postage, receive the perfect label for your item’s size and weight, and skip the wait at the post office. 

(And have some extra money for that venti peppermint mocha.)

Happy selling, 

✌️ Team Mercari

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