The best way to revamp your home is to highlight your most treasured belongings and let go of stuff you no longer love. Selling on Mercari is a great way to find a new home for those things.

You can sell just about anything in the Mercari marketplace, from designer handbags to last year’s smart tech. Haven’t sold on a marketplace before? No problem. Getting started is easy, and we’ll help you out with listing tips along the way.

Here are tips to sell like a pro, from Mercari trend expert Tiffany Olson:


Purge like a pro

Our go-to question for whether you should hang on to something is: “Do I still use this, or does it just take up space?” If you no longer need it, someone else will.

Set aside time

It’s much easier to set aside blocks of time to declutter, rather than all at once. Have a spare Sunday afternoon? Tackle those boxes in the garage and see what you can sell.

Have stellar customer service

It’s the little things that “wow” your customers and keep them coming back for more – like shipping quickly and thoughtfully packaging orders. You can also add a thank you note to the buyer for a personal touch.


Use descriptive keywords

Adding keywords to your listing can help increase the searchability of your item. For example, instead of naming your listing “Antique plate,” try “Vintage Japanese Imari Decorative Plate.” Sold!


Take Instagram-worthy photos 

You’ll want to capture your wares at their best, which means three things: uncluttered backgrounds, abundant natural light (no flash), and crisp images. Including multiple angles of the item helps, too.


Invest in a dress form 

If you’re a fashionista who loves selling clothes, it’s well-worth snapping up a mannequin or dress form (often available new for around $50, or even less resale). This tactic allows customers to imagine the clothes on themselves.


Get specific 

Knowing exactly what you’ll get takes a lot of the worry out of buying online. Adding all the nitty-gritty details to your listing, like measurements and brand, can increase shoppers’ confidence.


Be real

Does your vintage little black dress have a slight tear? Or maybe those Ray-Bans have a small scratch? Be as open as you can with the state of each piece to establish trust with your customer – and to avoid any returns.


Good luck! Let’s get to listing.