Breaking news. It’s time to update your Mercari app. Like ASAP.

Do you sell smaller things? Like blouses, makeup, or video games? 

We’ve got news for you. A 4 oz shipping label has arrived.

You’ve asked. We’ve answered. It’s now just $2.99 to ship under 4 oz, nationwide. That’s our cheapest shipping yet. 

We’re on a mission to make selling easier than buying. That means making shipping fast and easy for everybody. 

From packages big to small, we’ve got you covered. The 4 oz label is perfect to ship those tiny things.  For big and bulky items, we’ve got Pack and Ship at The UPS Store

Stay tuned for insider updates as we work to make shipping even easier. 

To learn more about shipping with Mercari, click here.

Happy selling! 

Team Mercari

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