How it all began

In 2012, Shintaro Yamada left his thriving career in Tokyo behind to see the world. He wanted to experience it through the eyes of the locals, often hitching rides and staying at hostels as he made his way across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, and Thailand. After traveling through 23 countries in six months, he noticed that even the most undeveloped and emerging nations had access to mobile phones. In reality, we all have the same intrinsic desire for deeper human connection through technology. His trek through some of the world’s most rural towns and regions forever changed him, as he thought about how to help society thrive by circulating the earth’s limited resources. With this in mind, Shintaro returned to Japan with a newfound determination to start a company that would let people across the globe connect with each other. This led him to found Mercari in 2013, as a mobile-first platform to connect buyers and sellers in Japan.


Shintaro Yamada traveling around India

Connecting Circles

You’ve known us as The Selling App. Since Mercari expanded to the U.S. in 2014, we’ve been on a mission to make selling easier than buying. What started as a safe and easy way to exchange items ended up growing into something much more meaningful. And what we realized is that the Mercari brand means so much more than the transaction of items between two people. When you buy and sell items on Mercari, you’re breathing new life into the spaces and things around you. It’s that feeling of delight that you experience when finding a rare treasure at your favorite used bookstore or the warmth of knowing you and your child’s favorite toy isn’t in a junkyard – it’s finding a new life with another child. That’s what exchange is all about: connecting people. And that’s the magic of Mercari.


The beginning of Mercari

Hello, Goodbye

Every item listed on Mercari is distinctively special. We’re a marketplace powered by diverse individuals, each with a unique story to tell. Whether you’re saying ‘goodbye’ to a treasured item you’re no longer using or ‘hello’ to your new favorite thing, we’re proud to support everyone who finds these deeply personal moments on our platform.

The connection that’s created between two individuals as items are passed on and welcomed into new homes is what Mercari is all about. As we invite you in to experience the magic behind it all, we’re excited to introduce you to our latest TV commercial appropriately dubbed and inspired by the Beatles classic “Hello, Goodbye.” 



Your Marketplace

Mercari was built for casual sellers and savvy buyers alike – that couple getting married, the college graduate furnishing their first apartment, the empty nesters redecorating their house. As we further embrace the core mission and values on which our brand was founded, our goal is to connect people by rethinking reuse and removing barriers to exchanging meaningful items. We are building towards a future where things are passed on, treasures live on, stories are shared, and connections run deep. Mercari is your marketplace.