Our mission at Mercari is to make selling even easier than buying. So we were thrilled that Mercari made its debut as a finalist in Ecommerce Bytes’ annual Sellers Choice Awards.

Sellers selected Mercari as the easiest-to-use marketplace platform.  They also ranked Mercari fourth overall among all marketplaces.  And Mercari ranked second among the marketplaces sellers said they’d recommend to a friend.

We’re humbled by this recognition, particularly for Mercari’s ease of use.

Mercari got some rave reviews on the simplicity of listing – in fact, the entire selling process … Sellers are embracing the simplicity of selling through mobile apps.

Ecommerce Bytes Editor Ina Steiner

A huge thank-you to the growing community of Mercari sellers.  Thanks to you, we’re getting noticed as a fast and easy way to sell your stuff.  And we’re just getting started!


John Lagerling, United States CEO