We’ve been hard at work making your selling experience the best it can be. We know that Mercari.com is an important part of making successful sales. The tools we’ve built are crucial to getting organized and managing multiple listings right from your computer.

The updates are now live on Mercari.com. Haven’t seen them yet? Here are some insights on the new look.

Now on Mercari.com, you can get organized with your Seller Dashboard and Sales Report. 

Seller Dashboard gives you insight into your seller analytics. From account statistics to your listings’ performance, see how you can keep upping your selling game. Check it out on Mercari.com by going to your profile > Seller dashboard.

With your self-service Sales Report, you can view all of your completed sales and quickly note your items’ prices, shipping costs, Mercari fees, and your sales profits. This gets you organized and can help you prepare for your income tax return. 

You can also view your entire Mercari sales history or customize it by certain dates. Find your Sales Report by going to your profile > Reports.


Access your chats with sellers and buyers without leaving the page. The chat icon lets you read and reply on Mercari home, item detail pages, and in search. All with one click.

No more scrolling in the tiny chat box. The chat popup is now bigger. Plus, you’ll never have to squint at your computer again. The chat page is now the full width of your screen.

The best part? Buy an item right from your chat with the seller. You can also access the item’s details inside chat.


Filtering through your listings is so much easier. You can view your current listings (active and inactive) or your sold listings (complete and in progress) separately to get a better look at your inventory.

Check out your analytics next to each listing. They’re now more organized and easier to view. You can see your likes, views, and the last time the listing was edited.


Looking for a more manageable pricing strategy? Smart Pricing is now on Mercari.com. 

This new pricing tool gives you the opportunity to make more sales while allowing you complete control. Your price automatically updates to meet market demand, but no lower than the minimum price you set. 

All you have to do is create the listing. We’ll take it from there.


Time to check out the new Mercari.com. Stay tuned for more features coming soon.