Paging all Mercari superfans: wondering what in the world to wear this spooky season? Look no further. 

You love to buy and sell on Mercari. From limited edition to unbeatable steals, you’re the expert. So why not dress up as… just that?

Rae Dunn

There’s nothing scarier than feeling like something is following you. And those Rae Dunn ceramics seem to pop up at every turn, even when you’re least expecting it. 

What’s spookier than that?

Dress up as a Rae Dunn mug. Wear an eggshell shirt, cream-colored pants and white sneakers. Add some carefully-crafted RD handwriting that says “SPOOKY” on the t-shirt and you’re all set.


Ever seen something disappear and then reappear? That’s exactly what happened when shoppers went wild for Starbucks’ matte black studded tumblers (and then listed them on Mercari). Poof! There one instant, gone the next. 

To get this look, you’ll need a black shirt, black pants and black shoes. Attach black studs and a printed Starbucks logo to your shirt. You can make a “straw” out of black construction paper and attach it to a headband. 

Who doesn’t want to dress like a goth dragon for Halloween? Regardless, people will be fighting to get their hands on you. 

Nike (aka the Ghost of Nike past)

Got old Nike gear haunting your closet? Before you list it, take it for one last run this Halloween.

Put on your oldest Nike gear. Paint your face ghoulish white. In your spookiest voice say, “Just do it.”

You’ll probably scare someone. 


Apple products never seem to stop needing upgrades. That is really a fright — especially when you own an iPhone 6 and want it to last a bit longer. 

So, yes, we’re saying dress up as an iPhone 6 that needs an upgrade. 

Wear a black turtleneck and blue jeans. Print an image of the iOS upgrade notification and attach it to your shirt. 

Let’s get spooky.