According to Tech.Co, roughly 1 in 6 people lose one or both Apple AirPods. To replace a single pod costs $69, and to buy a new pair you’ll pay $159. What a bummer! 

Maybe it’s time to rethink the AirPods and choose a pair of wireless headphones that better suit your lifestyle. 

If you lost them … at the beach

Nothing completes a beach day like some sunny tunes to keep you company.

But what happens when your headphones disappear in the sand? Or worse yet, when they get exposed to that refreshing ocean spray?

Sayonara AirPods, you will be missed. But hello waterproof headphones!

They may not come in that sleek white case, but they’ll let you splish-splash stress free. Worth it!

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If you lost them … at school

Picture this: it’s late, you’re stressed, and you’re finally sitting down at the library to write that paper you’ve been avoiding for weeks. With caffeine in your bloodstream and your laptop open, it’s time to get down to business.

But wait, where’d your headphones go?

There’s nothing worse than studying without music to keep you in the zone.

But never fear, noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones are here! These are bulkier (read: harder to lose) and they’ll block out that guy who won’t stop clicking his pen.

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Wireless Headphones gym graphic

If you lost them … at the gym

So you were pumpin’ up the jams while pumping iron when someone came over and took it upon themselves to correct your posture.

What a buzzkill.

You know what else is a buzzkill? When you look around and realize you can’t find the AirPod you just took out of your ear.

This may be a sign that it’s time to opt for some headphones that stay connected to each other, so the next time your curls get interrupted, your listening experience doesn’t have to.

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Wireless Headphones night out graphic

If you lost them … on a night out

Wait… you were listening to headphones on a night out? Huh? Don’t keep the party to yourself! Share it instead with one of these wireless bluetooth speakers.

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We know you’re still mourning the loss of those AirPods. After all, with their sleek design, and stellar sound quality, they’re hard to forget.

So, if after all this you’re still stuck on the OG, shop AirPods and more at up to 70% off on Mercari.

And if you’ve got old tech sitting around in a drawer somewhere, snap some photos, sell it, ship it, and get paid.