Nothing is more important to us than trust. Without it, our marketplace just wouldn’t work. Which is why we’re constantly thinking of new ways to help you buy and sell with confidence.

Meet ID Check. A new badge that helps increase trust with buyers and sellers alike. By confirming selected information about your identity, you’ll earn a badge for your profile that shows you’re really you. And when you’re shopping, you’ll have extra peace of mind.

How it works

Once you make a sale or purchase, you will see ID Check on your profile page. Click to upload your ID along with a photo of yourself. Your ID will be checked against the photo you upload. We won’t share your personal info with anyone else.

To set up ID Check, head to your profile on the app. Once completed, a new badge will appear.

While ID Check helps build trust, we do want you to know that completing this process isn’t an endorsement of any seller or buyer. We can’t fully confirm someone’s identity or guarantee that it’s safe to interact with them. Always use your best judgment. 

Happy selling!

Team Mercari

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