Whatever you’re earning towards, we’re here to help. 

With Mercari Goals, you get to set a goal and we’ll share personalized stats and tips to up your selling game.

You can find Goals in the app by tapping the bullseye next to your shopping cart. Just tell us how much you want to make, name your goal, and get to listing.

We love to see our sellers going above and beyond. Since we’ve launched this past summer, 151,000 Mercari users have completed a goal, earning over $43 million total! Whether you’re saving for your dream home or earning towards your coffee budget, Goals keeps you on track. 

Need some inspo? Here are some goals to get you started:

  • A holiday gifting shopping trip
  • Surprising your family with a puppy
  • New kitchenware for Turkey Day

You’ve got this!

— Team Mercari