Tonia Cupp of Scottsdale, Arizona, has taught her daughter Anastasia to do her very best in everything she does.  With a roomful of cheerleading medals, great study habits, and a work ethic beyond her years, it’s clear that eight-year-old Anastasia is picking up what Mom lays down.  

Recently, Tonia gave Anastasia the opportunity to learn smart money habits at a young age, firsthand. The mother-daughter pair have been working on money management by selling together on Mercari. Tonia wanted her daughter to appreciate the value of money, so before Anastasia can get a new toy or new clothes, she has to first choose something to sell.

“We sell a lot of Anastasia’s toys on Mercari,” Tonia explains. “And the money that she makes from that, she keeps … She’s making money and she gets to [do] whatever she wants to do with it.”

Tonia’s now selling her own things on Mercari, too. “At the end of the day it’s an item I don’t want and I’m not going to use …  why not? I mean, take it and make some money on it and it’s gone … it’s out of your house.”