When he became a U.S. Navy fighter pilot, Austin Hulbert of New York City realized a lifelong dream—and extended a family tradition. After a successful military career, Austin set his sights on new horizons. For the first time, Austin would be in the private sector, leaving the Navy to pursue business school.

“I thought that getting a business degree would be a smart choice for someone [who has] known only the military his entire life,” Austin says.

But there was the issue of his stuff. Over the years he’d accumulated old clothes, electronics, even Navy flight suits, and Austin knew he had some serious decluttering to do before starting business school. So he turned to Mercari.

“I had to downsize and get rid of a lot of things, and Mercari allowed me to do that easily.”

Austin loves the simplicity of Mercari’s app; he calls the experience “seamless.”

“Mercari allowed me to free up space [and] to just get rid of things because I was starting a new life as a civilian. [It] allowed me to make the transition from military to civilian life all the easier.”

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