For years, Estrella Gallegos wished for a way to balance motherhood with her career. She wanted the most for her children, knowing there had to be a way to be a little closer to home.

Estrella was looking for a way to make that change, and that’s when she came across Mercari. She made the decision to shift from her executive career as a data consultant to founding her home business, The Starry Shop.

Around 2006, Estrella and her husband realized they had the special opportunity to have more children. So today, the Gallegos clan includes four kids: the “Bigs” in their early 20s and living on their own, with their “Littles” at 8 and 12.

Estrella is thriving with her newfound career: “I want to be with my kiddos and do [everything]. Being able to be at the [kids’ events] and volunteer at school, and all those things I didn’t get to do a lot with my older kids because I was working and traveling.”

Having sold clothing online as a side hustle for years, Estrella knows why some people are hesitant to try it: “For people who have tried to sell online in the past, I get it … it used to be super hard … [but] it’s not like that anymore. With apps like Mercari, if you know how to use a smartphone, you know how to sell online.”

For Estrella, it hasn’t always been easy, but she’s got a whole new outlook on work-life balance: “It’s not about the things; it’s about us.”

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