Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Lansdon knows the value of a dollar. As an accountant for a timber company in Oregon, Stephanie’s 9 to 5 is all about fiscal responsibility. At home, Stephanie’s financial savvy is put to use in other ways.

Stephanie’s two sons seem to be constantly outgrowing their clothes. With her boys growing so quickly, Stephanie started accumulating lots of gently used kids’ clothes that she no longer needed. She did some research and started selling the boys’ clothing online, using her profits to help cover the cost of their new clothes in the fall and spring. Win-win.

“We started using eBay,” says Stephanie, “and then one day we were looking online and we thought, there’s got to be a better way. We tried all these other selling apps that came out…and Mercari was where [the boys’ clothes] were selling the fastest.”

Spreading the word

Last year, Stephanie was using her office mailroom to ship an item to a Mercari buyer when a curious coworker asked what she was doing. Stephanie explained that she was selling her boys’ clothes on Mercari. Word spread around the office, and soon Stephanie was instructing a roomful of colleagues with her very own selling seminar:  How to Sell Your **** (A Comprehensive Guide).  

Since her seminar, Stephanie’s coworkers have become regular sellers on Mercari and frequently share tips and tricks with one another.

Stephanie loves sharing her mastery of selling, and seeing her coworkers get into it, too:  “I’ve got a couple of women downstairs making money right now!”

Got unused or gently used kids clothes taking up space in your closets, garage, or storage space? Join Stephanie and her co-workers and list that stuff on Mercari.