Mothers and daughters share a unique connection that’s no match for great distances.

“My mom and I have always been incredibly close,” says Mercari seller Mary Floren. Growing up outside Chicago, Mary knew her mother was special: Carol Floren was a senior software executive, a tireless community volunteer and leader, and about the most engaged mother Mary and her sister could ask for. Carol really taught her daughters how to make the most of every day.

Not surprisingly, Mary became a high achiever in her own right. A diligent student and competitive swimmer, Mary set off on a career as a software engineer, which led her to Silicon Valley after college.  

Back in Illinois, Mary had left a roomful of clothing, shoes and accessories behind. “I went through my closet and went through my room and I saw money,” says Mary. “I saw price tags [and a way to] potentially get a little return on [my] investment.”

So Mary teamed up with her mom to list and sell her stuff on Mercari. Mary’s stuff sold quickly, and pretty soon her old bedroom in Illinois was empty. So, Mary and her mom kept their success going, starting a Mercari jewelry store together. Mary creates and manages item listings in California, while Carol manages inventory and shipping back in Illinois.

“Mary and I have a great deal of distance between us, but [selling on Mercari] keeps us close. We talk constantly.”


Mary agrees: “I love that this app has brought us together!”