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Meet the new web  

We’ve been hard at work making your selling experience the best it can be. We know that is an important part of making successful sales. The tools we’ve built are crucial to getting organized and managing multiple listings right from your computer. The updates…

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The Mercari community responds 

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted peoples’ lives in immeasurable ways, including what they buy and sell.  Since social distancing began in March, record numbers of Americans have come to Mercari to buy practically everything they need from home.  And record numbers of people have come…

calling all mask-makers
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More masks for more people. 

We are now accepting listings for homemade face masks. With new guidance encouraging individuals to wear masks in public, the makers and DIYers of Mercari have an opportunity to make a difference by getting more masks to more people. Starting today, until May 31, we…