Grab your bohos, carryalls, saddlebags, teeny tiny top handles…

Have we got something for you.

Meet Mercari Authenticate. A way to get your designer handbags vetted by our independent professional authenticators.

Time to upgrade?

Get that Boy bag from 2014 authenticated in under 48 hours

(And use your balance to fund your new favorite.)

What you get

An independent third party authenticator will carefully inspect your item’s authenticity by checking photos of the logo, tag, materials, and serial number. 

The authenticators have over ten years of experience at major retailers. Using an internal database and outside resources, they check the authenticity of your item based on photos you have sent in. 

Once submitted, your item will be authenticated and go live to millions of shoppers within 48 hours

Unlike most authentication services, Mercari Authenticate requires no shipping, so you can get your bags reviewed by professional authenticators right from your phone. This saves you a trip to the post office. 


How it works

  • Snap a few photos. We’ll send them off to the pros. (No trip to the post office required.)
  • Get reviewed. Sit tight for 48 hours. We’ll keep you updated.
  • Go live. Your item will be listed, featuring an Authenticate badge.

You get a sweet badge. And a boost in search so you get more eyes on your listing.

Authentication? It’s in the bag. 

Happy selling,

Team Mercari