Selling never been your thing?


Failed lemonade stands… Deserted garage sales… Sketchy meetups….


We get it.  And, you’re not alone.


Introducing Mercari’s latest TV spot, where we help rid you of those (bad) memories of selling past. We’re spreading the word on TV, on the radio and online that anyone can sell — even you.  



Times have changed. Selling is no longer hard. Selling no longer takes a lot of time. And you no longer have to meet up with a stranger. Just to sell a waffle maker.


On Mercari, selling really is fast and easy. You just take a few pics, add a description and boom — your item is listed. All things ship so there are never any awkward meetups. We even email you a shipping label right when your item sells.


Not using it? Sell it, ship it and get paid for it with Mercari – The Selling App. Check out Mercari on the App stores or on