We’ve upped our game so you can, too.

We understand that ratings are extremely important to you. Ratings help buyers and sellers build trust with each other. You want to make each sale better than the last.

Knowing this, we built an updated rating platform that’s fast and easy, just for you.

While the new system is based on our current 5-star scale, we’ve made it more transparent to support you in making each sale your best. View what you’re known for and things to improve right from your reviews page. You can even filter reviews by the number of stars you’ve received.

Check out our new feedback features.

The Known for section shows what you’re known for as a buyer and as a seller — the place to show off your “best of” on Mercari. Anyone can view this section. It’s a way for other buyers and sellers to give you compliments and highlight what went well in those 5-star reviews. If you get a compliment, keep up the good work!


Things to improve is a section dedicated to feedback from one to four star ratings. These comments explain why you didn’t receive a five star rating, helping you to make improvements for future sales. And don’t worry, the Things to improve section is only visible to you.

With this update, our goal is to give buyers and sellers a more transparent chance at making every sale their best one yet.


Happy selling!


Team Mercari